Can Kasamba Psychics Be Trusted? Here’s My Honest Review

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Kasamba is an internet psychic community that that offers readings by phone, chat, and e mail. They had been in commercial enterprise for over 20 years (considering the fact that 1999) and feature helped guide over 4 million people of their paths to searching for out actual love, happiness, career success, and self-empowerment.

Kasamba offers a very good range of offerings together with psychic readings, tarot readings, dream interpretation, fortune telling, courting advice, and some distance more. But can Kasamba be trusted? Are they legitimate? Are their readings actually accurate or is it all only a scam? at some point of this Kasamba review, I’ll tell you the whole thing you would like to understand approximately this company.

How Does Kasamba Work?

Before you intend to a psychic reading, you’re liberal to browse the area and take a look at the styles of offerings available.

There’s a menu at the best of the net web site that divides all the psychic experts into their specialized categories. Each phase additionally has subcategories, so be counted what sort of assist you’re seeking to find , there’s positive to be a minimum of some of dozen psychics to be had to meet with you.

Once you choose the kind of psychic guide you’re looking to find , you’ll be ready to browse everyone’s bio sections. You’ll see their profile pictures, observe their backgrounds, and explore their beyond clients’ testimonials.

Some Kasamba psychics include movies in their profiles, which permits you to urge to understand them better. You’ll even be equipped to look which Kasamba psychics are currently available for telephone conversations and which of them are on line for a speak session. If you want to not have your session in real-time, you’ll also request an email psychic reading.

Not all psychics on Kasamba provide this service, however many of them do. The benefit of an e-mail reading is that it’s provided at a flat rate. The downside is that you truly don’t get an equivalent stage of interplay with an marketing consultant.

When you find a Kasamba psychic that you’d desire to paintings with, subsequent step is to hitch by supplying a username and password. If you’ve got a Facebook account, you’ll also join automatically the usage of your Facebook log-in information.

The final step before being connected to a psychic is to line up price options. You’ll favor to pay with either a credit card or a PayPal account to switch funds.

What Type of Services Does Kasamba Offer?

services available on kasamba.com

Kasamba has psychic advisors in eight foremost areas. Within every category are greater specialized offerings that you may select from. For example, if you’re seeking out a Love and Relationships psychic, you could further clear out your alternatives primarily based on whether they’re gifted in divorce, soulmates, affairs, gay and lesbian relationships, and more.

The primary services to choose from include:

Psychic Profiles

directory of psychic readers

We inspire you to spend more time analyzing the psychic bios and studying about who you’ll be running with. Online psychics aren’t exactly cheap, so it’s worth it to do your due diligence before connecting with someone.

The data inside the bios is furnished by using the psychic advisors, so you’ll get quite a few perception approximately them.

All bios have the following information for you to review:

  • Name
  • Profile picture
  • Pricing
  • Number of reviews
  • Overall rating
  • Specialization (including a list of all specialties)
  • Language
  • About section
  • Customer testimonials

The excellent of the bios varies greatly, so our recommendation is to dig deep and search for psychics that put a whole lot of time into developing theirs. Also, because many human beings pick out to do an online chat with psychics on Kasamba, we strongly propose selecting a psychic that has a thorough, well-written, and error-loose bio. How they’ve written their bio will tell you plenty approximately how they’ll communicate each on-line and over the smartphone.

kasmba profile page

One factor we couldn’t help however note is that some readers in the psychic network give their names at the same time as others fill inside the name segment with an outline . For instance , whilst surfing tarot readers, we determined psychic names like Tabitha, George, and Amy. We also saw names like “Quietsound,” “Spirit Speaks,” and “Dancing Voice.”

In our opinion, understanding the name of the individual presenting you with studying is useful (mainly when you consider that you’re now not inside the same room), however which can also simply be a non-public preference. Most of the readers that don’t give their actual (or stage) names nonetheless have hundreds of evaluations, so this in all likelihood isn’t a deal-breaker for many people.

Screening Process

Kasamba is typically recruiting new psychics, however most effective the cream of the crop talent is allowed to symbolize the company

After filing contact statistics, professional experience, and a resume to the company , potential advisors are then screened thoroughly. The technique involves an interview, a background test, and an indoor test to verify abilities.

In addition to very well screening psychics, the company is consistently tracking their talent, ensuring that they hold a high client pleasure rate in an effort to retain being on the platform.

Being inside the commercial enterprise for pretty twenty years has given Kasamba the cache to recruit the simplest , and consequently the overwhelming majority of Kasamba evaluations are positive.

Kasamba App

kasmba mobile app

Nowadays, humans are on the move, and most folks have a smartphone in our pocket (or purse) inside the least times. To accommodate today’s mobile and tech-savvy population, Kasamba additionally gives a free app for iOS and Android devices.

Using your smartphone, you’ll select a psychic and right away begin a voice or chat conversation. The chat conversations are very almost like texting, so it’s extraordinarily handy if you would love a fast solution to a burning question or want assist immediately .

The app additionally includes free horoscopes, so you’ll test your each day forecast each time the mood strikes.

We did notice in other Kasamba evaluations that the app are regularly glitchy. If you get disconnected even as the use of the app, make sure to contact customer support at once for assist getting a refund.

3 Free Minutes

At first glance, you would probably think Kasamba is like several other on line psychic platform, but it does provide some thing unique

As part of their Best Psychic Match Guarantee, Kasamba gives you the primary three minutes of any analyzing with a replacement psychic totally free of charge . This allows you to connect with a person to check if they’re a suit before paying a dime.

There are a few caveats. For instance , as soon as you ebook your very first psychic as a substitute member, the 3 free mins deal applies to both telephone and chat. However, as soon as you’ve attempted one psychic, any new psychic must be contacted via chat (not phone) to urge this offer.

When the pinnacle of the primary three mins approaches, you ought to take into account that you’ll mechanically be charged for extra time. So, if the psychic isn’t a in shape, verify you hold up or end the chat before you begin having to pay.


Because Kasamba psychics have the electricity to set their own expenses, there’s a wide range of costs you can expect.

As we mentioned, your first 3 mins with a psychic consultant are unfastened, but expenses range after that. At the low stop of the spectrum, rates start at $1.99. However, they are able to cross up to $30.00 for very experienced and in-call for advisors.

Depending on while you’re analyzing this review, Kasamba may additionally also offer extra incentives for first-time readings. We’ve visible anything from 15% off to 70% off the primary session, making it very tempting to give Kasamba a try as a minimum once!

Is Kasamba Safe?

It may be scary connecting with a stranger on-line, particularly when you’re discussing intimate details about your life and sharing personal information like your date of birth.

To ensure client safety, Kasamba will help defend your statistics with the subsequent privacy protocols:

  • Your on-line reference to Kasamba is encrypted with an HTTPS protocol. This shields your fee and contact statistics from hackers, malware, etc.
  • Kasamba never shares your personal facts with advisors. No one will be able to see your deal with or payment details. The best information an advisor sees is your display name and whatever data you make a decision to proportion at some stage in your analyzing.
  • Advisors cannot see your transcripts with any other psychic. This guarantees that they’re no longer the usage of outside records to get insights into tricking you or faking clairvoyance..

In addition to these safeguards, we additionally advise taking steps to guard your privateness. Don’t supply an marketing consultant any personal information that’s not relevant to the reading, and never proportion passwords or credit score card statistics.

Kasamba Horoscopes

Kasamba gives loose horoscopes to all site visitors without requiring you to log in or create an account. For every sign, you’ll have get entry to to a every day, weekly, and month-to-month horoscope. The monthly forecast has each a love and a career segment, and each of those are very in-depth. Reading the horoscopes can often cause extra questions than answers, and at the bottom of every forecast, you’ll see a listing of online psychics that specialize in astrology and love readings that are to be had to help.


  • Huge variety of specialties
  • Wide range in prices to suit every budget
  • Every advisor is reviewed and rated by previous clients
  • 3 free minutes
  • Psychic app
  • Available 24/7 by phone, chat, or email
  • Free horoscopes


  • No video chat readings offered
  • Lack of filtering options when choosing a psychic
  • Refunds include site credit, but no cash back

The Best Psychics on Kasamba

Kasamba presently has masses of readers to choose from. While having ample picks to review can be exciting, it may additionally be overwhelming! We’ve narrowed down the masses of advisors right down to our pinnacle three favorites.


nicola kasmba psychics advisor
  • Rating: 5 Stars
  • Number of Reviews: 11,937

If you’re new to the world of psychic readings and feeling skeptical or intimidated, Nicola will assist initiate you. She has nearly 12,000 evaluations, and unlike many of the generic reviews we’ve seen for other readers, the humans that labored with Nicola took the time to share exact accounts of their experiences. After studying what human beings have to mention about Nicola, you nearly sense like here!

Nicola’s area of expertise is Tarot, however she’s also skilled in plenty of other areas, together with love, relationships, and dream analysis. If you want a person to tell it adore it is, however do so in a manner that is empathetic and nonjudgmental, then Nicola ought to be a super fit.


katharine kasamba psychic advisor
  • Rating: 5 Stars
  • Number of Reviews: 14,634

As one in every of Kasamba’s pinnacle-rated psychics, Katharine brings plenty to the table, which includes 30 years of experience.

She’s been with Kasamba for 11 of those years, and also works on police cases. Unlike other psychics who won’t have a logical motive for his or her gifts, Katharine’s skills had been passed down through the generations. She credits two top notch grandmothers as the supply of her psychic talents; one, a Bavarian Gypsy, and the opposite an Algonquin Indian.

Because of Katharine’s different sports and top-rated status, her hours vary, but it’s well really worth the wait to get an appointment with her!


yazmin kasmba psychic advisor
  • Rating: 5 Stars
  • Number of Reviews: 28,570

Yazmin’s document consists of numerous clients whose predictions have come true. She combines spirituality with clairvoyance, and her spirit guide is her grandfather.

It’s no marvel then, that Yazmin believes in life after death. She is moreover particularly professional at sensing the power around you, providing you with insights on how that strength affects both your surroundings and lifestyle .

One of the maximum motives Yazmin tops our list is thanks to her perception inside the Law of Attraction. If there’s some thing that you really want out of existence, Yazmin could be prepared to shed some mild on the manner to attract it.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Refunds

Kasamba has these days made some modifications to their satisfaction guarantee and refund policy. the amount of some time you needed to request a refund wont to be seven days; however, that has now modified to seventy two hours.

To request money back, all you’ve got to try to to is signal into your account and ship an e-mail to the company’s customer support department. You’ll got to provide the date of the session, the psychic’s name, and therefore the amount that you without a doubt had been charged.

Kasamba does state that they need the proper to refuse money back request, and that they’ll prefer to refund you partially or fully .

Further, and that is often important, a refund are going to be issued as site credit, now not cash back. An exception to the existing rule applies on your presentation only. If you’re unsatisfied together with your first Kasamba experience, you’ll get a cash refund of up to $50 and use that cash to are seeking for out the proper advisor.

Alternatives to Kasamba

Thanks to modern technology, there are several online psychic platforms to choose from.  So, after reading this review, if you’re not sure if Kasamba is right for you, or you want to try a few other psychics before you find the right one, we’ll compare a couple of other top platforms side by side with Kasamba.  

Psychic Source vs Kasamba

Like Kasamba, Psychic Source has additionally been around for decades. They’ve additionally released an app, and a lot of their psychics are affordably priced, that is a massive plus if you’re on a budget.

You can examine our Psychic Source assessment for more statistics on this provider.

  • Psychic Source has video readings
  • Psychic Source has less selection, but higher quality psychics
  • Psychic Source also has 3 free minutes, but the rates are cheaper (as low as $0.66 per minute)

You can read our Psychic Source review for more information on this provider.

Keen.com vs. Kasamba

Keen is another top Kasamba competitor with a longstanding file. They also have a contemporary and intuitive interface for browsing psychics. Our biggest criticism approximately Keen is that the psychic bios are very sparse. Kasamba shines in assessment in that regard.

Here’s how they compare:

  • Keen is cheaper at 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Keen offers chat and phone readings (but no email)
  • Keen offers much more in terms of filtering options when choosing a psychic

Read our full Keen Psychics review for more information on this company.

Final Verdict – Is Kasamba Real or a Scam?

Finding a truthful psychic are frequently a challenge. If you’ve ever long past to an in-person psychic and been instructed that you truly got to spend $40 (or more) on a unique crystal to keep off a curse a person has placed on you, then you recognize that there are tons of the manner to be tricked out of your hard earned money!

Just like with any profession, there are getting to be “good” psychics and “bad” psychics. The benefit of using a platform like Kasamba is transparency. You’ll study all about Kasamba psychics before you communicate with them, and you’ll compare unique psychics aspect by aspect.

You’re now not at the mercy of having to just accept some thing psychic is in your nearby area. The planet is at your fingertips!

We’ve discovered Kasamba to be a platform that has real psychics so that it will offer true assist and guidance. That being said, we can’t verify the legitimacy of each single one in all their advisors. To make certain that you honestly get the foremost of your experience, we suggest following these steps:

  • Read multiple bios before contacting a psychic.
  • Don’t be afraid to try multiple psychics (just make certain you end the chat in less than three minutes).
  • Attend your readings with an open mind and a positive attitude.

By getting into a reading with your eyes and your thoughts open, you’ve got the quality chance of getting actual value from your experience with Kasamba.