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Psychic Source Review: Legit Readings or Scam?

If you’re looking for an sincere and precise Psychic Source review, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve used this employer significantly for psychic readings over the years, and under I’m going to percentage with you the entirety you need to know.


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What Is Psychic Source?

Since 1989, Psychic Source has been one among the nice online psychics within the industry. They’ve been in commercial enterprise for over 30 years, supplying accurate psychic advice and steerage by means of cellphone, on line chat, and live video. On their website, you may pick from over 300 proper psychic advisors with a wide variety of abilties and specialties to pick out from.

Here are the professionals and cons of using Psychic Source.


  • All Readers Are Extensively Screened, Tested, and Re-Tested For Authenticity
  • Filter Available Psychics By Specialty, Rating, Reading Style, Price, and More.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Hundreds of Trusted Psychics To Choose From
  • Rates As Low As $0.66 Per Minute + 3 Free Min.
  • Most Psychic Source Reviews Rave About How Accurate Their Readings Are.

How Does Psychic Source Work?

To get commenced, you’ll first have to create an account with them before you could talk to an internet psychic. Once your account is setup, you’ll just add cash with a credit score card or the payment technique of your choice. Once your session begins, cash will be subtracted out of your account stability on a per-minute basis.

Your number of minutes closing and account balance are always transparent, so there are not any surprise expenses or spending more money than you want. You also can cease the session whenever you want.

There are two ways to get started with Psychic Source:

1.  Call Their Psychic Hotline

When you name the Psychic Source hotline, you’ll be connected to one in all their customer service representatives and they may join you to one in every of their actual psychics that absolutely specialize in the sort of questions you want solutions on.

Here’s the phone wide variety to their psychic hotline if you’re prepared to get started: (866) 953-6748

2.  Visit The Psychic Source Website

By journeying PsychicSource.Com, you could browse a listing of their available psychics and hand-select which reader you need to talk to. Every clairvoyant or medium of their network has their personal profile page wherein you can:

  • Learn about their psychic ability
  • Learn approximately their problem know-how
  • Read critiques and scores from past customers

Psychic Reading Methods

how does psychic reading work

Psychic Source gives numerous different varieties of periods for your convenience, making a metaphysical reading to be had irrespective of wherein you are.

Phone Reading

A psychic studying over the cellphone is surely as correct (and, in a few cases, extra accurate) as an in-person session. The understanding that your psychic Source gives you is in reality as possibly to return true counting on the path you’re taking to your destiny. You need to do not forget that the recommendation is given – in case you act thereon – can exchange the direction of your destiny. That’s the sweetness of studying; nothing is ready in stone. The perception you gain can help you create a greater desirable future.

This holds true for empaths, tarot readers, diviners, or the opposite specialty.

Once you’ve found an honest online psychic you want to connect with on Psychic Source, truely click the “Call Me” button on their website. You’ll quickly get hold of a name from the advisor you chose.

If you would love something faster, you’ll hear recorded greetings at the site’s telephone system from advisors available immediately. Dial thru to their extension, and you’ll be directly connected.

Chat Reading

If you can’t have a voice conversation, a chat room session is a correct manner to talk to your practitioner. Particularly if you’re uncertain or shy, a chat studying can be greater snug to you. You can also open up extra freely in your consultant thru chat.

Some Psychic Source advisors decide upon chat sessions. They claim that the studying is purer because they’re no longer distracted by vocal or visual clues.

Connect through the website, and as soon as finished, you may keep the records that they share as a transcript and keep it to review at a later time.

Video Reading

A video consultation is the following closet issue to an in-individual analyzing. You and your on line psychic join through the site’s live video channel. You are there, face-to-face together with your consultant, who provides correct statistics to help and counsel you.

Connecting over Psychic Source’s live video is easy. Click on your marketing consultant’s “video analyzing” button from their bio, and the gadget will assist you connect.

How To Find The Best Advisor on Psychic Source For Your Needs

With such a lot of exact psychic mediums to pick from, it could be tough trying to decide which psychic reader is the great to your situation.

But fortunately, Psychic Source has permits you to filter via their available advisors by means of the subsequent criteria:

  • Type of Psychic – Filter their advisors by way of the form of psychic reader you’re looking for. For example, you could search their available advisors if you’re looking in particular for romance psychics, clairvoyants, tarot readers, etc…
  • Type of Reading – You can filter by means of the form of psychic studying you’re seeking out such as phone readings, on-line chat, or stay video.
  • Subject Expertise – You also can slender down the choices through subject knowledge which include love and relationships, careers, destiny, or spirit guides.
  • Divination Tools – You also can look for psychics via the sort of divination tools they use of their readings along with tarot cards, angel cards, crystals, numerology, etc…
  • Reading Style – And lastly, you furthermore may have the option to filter with the aid of reading style. Whether you need a person this is compassionate, knowledgeable, or straight-forward, you could locate a person that’s ideal for what you need.

What Type of Readings Are Available From Psychic Source?

Psychic Source’s recognition proceeds them, and it is clearly evident within the various varieties of readings they provide customers:

Angel Cards:

An Angel card studying is a manner to connect with the entities which are surrounding you, but which we might not perceive or recognize are round us. These readings let you gain a feel of peace and have a extra pleasant angle on what’s coming to pass.

Astrology Readings:

More than only a horoscope analyzing, an astrology analyzing is a device used by advisors to hone in on styles from the sun, moon, and planet. They then connect those this to what takes place for your lifestyles’s past, gift, and future.


These are readings wherein a psychic uses a general 52-card deck to answer any questions you’ve got or to provide insight into your beyond, gift, or future. These are frequently used for divination or future telling, with cartomancy being a sort of reading for folks that are concerned with understanding massive steps for their future.

Dream Interpretation:

Instructing you at the intricacies of maintaining a dream diary, together with nightmare interpretation, they provide a enormous quantity of help with dream analysis that allow you to dive deeper into your subconscious.

Energy Work:

Offering you self-healing, electricity workers help you in your journey in the direction of both restoration and self-discovery in your emotional, physical, and non secular components of your being. Working as a vessel for Source Energy, you could revel in closing recuperation and recovery with energy work.

Lost Objects:

Offering a well-rounded method to assisting you discover your misplaced object, it is able to additionally be revealing for other components of your life by way of looking at your feelings, enjoy, or relationship this is attached to that specific piece.

Love Psychics:

Covering whatever from romance to infidelity, they have a huge offering of advisors who provide love psychic readings. These are frequently extraordinarily influential for knowledge emotional obstacles on your very own existence, ushering you closer to peace of thoughts and completeness.

Love Tarot:

The most famous problem for Tarot card readings, love tarot readings stay very beneficial and insightful for troubles of the coronary heart. This is an remarkable choice for those who are seeking out steerage of their love existence and looking for an unbiased opinion of their circumstances.


Helping you to apprehend essential dates on your life, numerology gives you steering on dates which are impactful on your very own lifestyles. These also can come up with meaning approximately the numerical value associated with a call or other words that hold a importance for you.

Past Lives:

Predicating readings on reincarnation, those classes can monitor patterns that observe you out of your beyond lives in your present relationships and motivations, supplying you with a better indication of who you’re now.

Spiritual Readings:

These are readings that help you to understand the mysterious components of your existence, ultimately revealing truths about you, loved ones, and undeniable ties that bind us all. Their advisors are able to help those who approach this with an open heart and mind discover more about their connection to the spiritual realm, their own personal uniqueness, and much more.


Offering both phone and online options, their tarot readings can help people find solutions for his or her relationship issues, family problems, career answers, spiritual guidance, money issues, or any aspect that you simply feel needs assistance.

As you’ll see, there’s no shortage of readings you’ll get at Psychic Source. Their advisors are all qualified in their gift. With clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, empaths, pet psychics, and mediums, their versatile group of psychics is well-versed and capable of offering any sort of reading you’ll plan.

Psychic Bios

psychic profiles

Every advisor on the network has an in-depth biography on their site.

The bio includes their star rating and a button to “favorite” the psychic if you enjoyed your experience with them. It lists their specialties and tools. It also gives you a thought of their reading style (direct, compassionate, expressive, etc.).

It also gives you their years of experience, a background, and their available hours.

The practitioner’s client reviews are visible in their bio.

With all of those intuitive, easy-to-use tools, finding the proper practitioner is straightforward .

Psychic Matching Tool

find a psychic tool

If you do not want to scroll through bios or are short on time, the web site features a psychic matching tool for you to undertake .

A cute animation walks you thru some simple questions, starting with the subject you would like your reading to specialise in .

Your choices throughout this process help the tool narrow down the right psychic for you.

Finally, you select the sort of reading you want (chat, phone, or video), and therefore the Psychic Matching Tool suggests several practitioners who are immediately available, allowing you to look at their bios and pick one.


  • All psychics are screened and vetted for authenticity
  • Several ways to connect including phone, chat, or video
  • One of the most reputable psychic sites with over 30 years in business (since 1989)
  • Now accepts Paypal as a payment method
  • Variety of psychics and session styles to choose from
  • 3 minutes free with every session


  • No option for text or email readings
  • No cash back on refunds (only site credit)

Price and Introductory Offer

price and special offers

Psychic Source offers three generous introductory deals, each equaling $1 per minute:

  • 30 minutes / $30
  • 20 minutes / $20
  • 10 minutes / $10

They also offer a $5 bonus towards the Membership Rewards program if you sign up for news and promotional information.  Psychic Source also offers a money-back guarantee on all readings.  You either love your reading or it’s 100% free!

Psychic Source Review Conclusion – Final Thoughts

Due to the rigorous process psychics must go through before being allowed into the network, their dedication to transparency, and the many tools, information guides, and free resources on the site, our Psychic Source review is: trustworthy.

The clincher was the excellent customer service, and the 100% money-back guarantee they offer their clients.

Give them a try if you want trustworthy, actionable advice from online psychics.