Psychic Source Review

REVIEW SUMMARY: Psychic Source is one of the leading online platforms offering psychic readings from experts in various fields, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and psychic intuition. It has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android and offers phone, chat, and live video readings at reasonable prices

  • Live video readings
  • Suite of added web tools
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
đź‘Ž CONS:
  • Have to pay for site transfer
  • Anoying advertising of other plans

Is it trustworthy?

Psychic Source has been in business for over 30 years and has hundreds of positive reviews. It vets psychic professionals to ensure they’re credible and qualified to give accurate readings on love, relationships, career, and other topics.

Every psychic’s profile features genuine customer reviews, ratings, and endorsements, besides an audio message with information on what you can expect during your reading. You can check how many readings they’ve provided, whether they were accurate or someone had a complaint, and other characteristics necessary for making an informed decision.

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee, a tell-tale sign of its confidence in its professional psychic’ abilities and credibility. The platform has advanced privacy and security features, ensuring each customer’s anonymity and confidentiality. You can check its SSL certificates on the website to ensure they’re valid and will keep your data safe and secure.

What types of reading do they offer?

Psychic Source offers a dozen readings, with each psychic specializing in specific areas and providing structured or unstructured advice.

You can choose from the following readings to clarify experiences from your past, get a sneak peek into your future, or interpret the signs from your conscious or unconscious life.

Angel Card Reading– Angel cards can connect you with your angels and spirit guides to get advice and a sense of peace. Your chosen psychic advisor interprets the cards to provide spiritual guidance and nudge you in the right direction.
Astrology– Besides free horoscopes, you can get an astrology reading to see how current celestial objects’ positions may be affecting your life. Your psychic advisor will prepare your birth chart to help you learn more about your personality, strengths, and weaknesses before providing insights into the celestial bodies’ impact on your personality and life choices.
Numerology– Do you have a lucky number? Do you see a particular number repeatedly? There might be a hidden meaning behind it. This reading can help you uncover it and gain insights into your past, present, and future, knowing when to expect significant life events.
Cartomancy– Cartomancy means using a deck of cards for divination. A clairvoyant interprets different symbols to provide guidance and answer questions regarding future possibilities.
Spiritual Reading– This reading can help you uncover patterns in your relationships, experiences, and unconscious mind. Tapping into your spirituality can help you heal and maximize happiness.
Past Life Reading– Have you ever experienced a dĂ©jĂ  vu? Psychic mediums believe those sensations reveal people’s past life experiences. Psychic Source can help shed light on your past life and its impact on your present experiences, desires, and relationships.
Tarot Reading– Tarot cards can provide insights into your relationships, career, love life, finances, and other aspects, revealing patterns and messages to help you understand your past and present and predict future events.
Love Reading– Love readings are pretty popular on Psychic Source but don’t mistake them for guaranteed outcomes. Your advisor can only guide you and help you see a different perspective depending on the root causes of your emotional turmoil or other love problems. They can help you see things more clearly and resolve doubts, fears, and uncertainties.
Love Tarot Reading– This reading is the same as the previous one, except it includes using Tarot cards for additional guidance.
Lost Object Reading– If you’ve lost a valuable object or one you hold dear, this reading can help you locate it by tapping into your energy and feelings regarding the misplaced item.
Dream Interpretation– Your dreams can reveal unconscious desires and fears and even predict future events. Whether you want to unlock hidden meanings behind them or you’ve had a precognitive dream, Psychic Source can help you uncover the answers.
Energy Work– This service isn’t a psychic reading but energy healing that aligns your body, mind, and spirit. It can help unlock your inner wisdom, restore your equilibrium, and bring a healthy balance to your life.

How Does It Work?

You must create an account to access Psychic Source’s services, which requires connecting a credit, debit, or gift card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) or using a money order or PayPal.

Once you add dollars to your account (minimum $15), you can use the “Find a Psychic” feature to select the most suitable expert for your needs. You can schedule a return call if your desired psychic is unavailable and contact another at a discount.


Psychic Source’s rates vary from $4.99 to $15 per minute, depending on the psychic and communication channel (phone, chat, or live video). However, most advisors charge only $1 per minute, and you can choose from 10, 20, and 30 minutes. An excellent introductory offer includes three free minutes for the first paid reading, meaning you can pay $0.66 per minute upon signing up.

The company also offers promo codes for additional discounts, referral rewards ($100 per referral), and membership rewards for loyal customers. As a member, you can earn at least 3% rewards dollars every time you add money to your account and get up to $50 in monthly bonuses for specific readings. There are no hidden fees, and the 100% money-back guarantee undoubtedly instills confidence.

Our Verdict:

There’s a reason Psychic Source has been around for over three decades. Its professional psychics provide highly accurate readings at competitive prices, and hundreds of customer testimonials are a testament to their abilities and credibility.

The website has an old-school look, but it’s fast, uncluttered, and easy to navigate, while the mobile app is intuitive and perfect for tapping into the psychic realm on the go.

We love the money-back guarantee, but we doubt you’ll need it because the features, rewards, and high prediction accuracy make this platform worth every dime. We highly recommend checking it out; it might be a life-changing experience.

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