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REVIEW SUMMARY: Oranum gives you the closest experience to in-person readings with live video chat. Get access to a diverse array of spiritual advisors from clairvoyance to sound baths, dream interpretation, astrology, fortune telling, love readings, and many more. Join them as they live stream 24/7!

  • Live video readings
  • Suite of added web tools
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Have to pay for site transfer
  • Anoying advertising of other plans

Is it trustworthy?

Oranum is pretty well known in online spiritual communities for its unique psychic reading experience. It is also one of the most trusted, with several measures in place to guarantee their client’s safety and overall satisfaction:

1. All psychics have undergone a thorough background check, and you can try them out for free via their live broadcasts.

2. They have adopted a coin system, so you’ll have some degree of control over your spending.

3. Payment and customer data are safe and secure with 256 bit SS as well as McAfee and VeriSign verifications. They even have 24/7 billing support!

4. Oranum caps the per-minute rate at $9.99 to prevent some psychic advisors from overcharging their clients.

Readings Offered

When we say “psychic”, we often imagine someone wearing a turban, peering into a crystal ball, or shuffling a deck of Tarot cards. However, you’ll soon realize that there are various types of psychic readers and that they use a myriad of divination tools. For example, on Oranum’s website alone, you’ll find no less than 12 categories. These are broadly split into topics such as Love, Clairvoyant, Family, Career, and Fortune Teller, just to name a few. Here are what’s popular right now.

Love – Is your relationship falling apart? Wondering if you should stay or go? Get accurate and insightful love readings and relationship predictions from Oranum’s love experts! In this category, you can also get karmic love readings and horoscope interpretations.

Palm Readings – Traditionally, it would have been impossible to get your palms read without booking an appointment and driving to your nearest palmistry practitioner. Thanks to Oranum’s video chat feature, you can get your palm lines analyzed without leaving the comfort of your own home. See what it says about your moods, personality traits, important life events, health, and even your sexuality!

Tarot Cards – You will find rune, gypsy, and angel card readings within this category. Get a Tarot Card reading to help when making big decisions, facing life changes, to get a dose of inspiration, or when you’re feeling stuck, trapped, or lost in life.

Family – Oranum’s huge directory of psychic readers offers guidance not only on love and relationship, finances, or career but also on family issues. Not many psychic networks offer this category, so this is comforting news for anyone having family troubles.

Clairvoyance – Clairvoyants are highly intuitive spiritual advisors who can “see” images or visions about a subject (living or dead), locations, and even objects. These “messages” or “visions” are received via ESP or extrasensory perception although some psychics rely on a crystal ball, tarot cards, or tea leaves.

Dream Interpretation– Curious about what your dreams mean? Oranum’s dreams experts can help uncover the hidden meanings behind them. Dream interpretation can be an important first step towards gaining a deeper understanding of yourself!

Others – If you’re looking for something a little more niche, you’re likely to find it here. Oranum also offers Reiki, pet psychic reading, rituals and energies, numerology, astrology, spiritual guides, Chakra healing, sound baths, and many more.

How Does It Work?

What if psychics all gather together and form their own social media platform? Well, that’s the vibe you get when you visit Oranum’s website for the very first time. What looks like a collage of Facebook or Instagram stories are actually psychics doing their daily live broadcasts. You can join the stream to see the psychic in action and even send predefined messages for free. If anyone pique’s your interest, you can create an account, submit a credit card, and purchase coins to book a one-on-one session.


Even though psychic advisors can set their own per-minute rate, Oranum has a price cap policy, so expect to pay no more than $9.99 per minute. Rates can be as low as $0.39/minute, significantly cheaper than other psychic reading websites. Oranum has a unique coin or credit system and offers an introductory credit amounting to $9.99. Once consumed, you can top up with packages that cost between $27.99 to $97.99 and comes with additional bonus points.

The Bottom Line

We can say that Oranum is in a league of its own. Psychics are live streaming and posting selfies and reels, so it feels more personal than other spiritual communities. Adding to this personalized experience is their 24/7 customer support which is, quite honestly, a rarity among online psychic networks. The site itself is extremely fun, interactive, and easy to navigate. All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable psychic reading in a relaxed and friendly environment, Oranum is the best place to go.

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